Duterte worse than Ondoy, Yolanda, Ompong combined: Inflation, foreign exchange, traffic, poverty worse under Digong – Lagman

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Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman is claiming President Rodrigo Duterte’s effect on the country is more destructive than all Super Typhoons that visited the country in the last decade combined.

“The devastation wrought on the country’s economy and its institutions by the Duterte administration could be worse than the combined disasters caused by Ondoy, Yolanda, Ompong and other typhoons and calamities,” said Lagman in a statement.

Lagman cited six instances on the massive damage wrought by Duterte in just his first two years in office:

1) Inflation has spiraled to a crippling 6.4 percent from only 1.3 percent in July 2016 largely due to government neglect and errant policies

2) The peso has lost 15 percent of its value from 46.86 to $1 in July 2016 to 54.01 to $1 recently.

3) Losses from worsening traffic has ballooned to P3.5 billion a day from P3 billion when Duterte took over in July 2016.

4) The rice situation has deteriorated from stable to crisis mode since Duterte assumed the Presidency.

5) Self-rated poverty increased to 48 percent this year from 44 percent in 2016 or an increase to 11.1 million Filipino families translating to 66.6 million individuals at six members per family.

6) Duterte has destroyed the judicial system when he inveigled the Supreme Court to oust in an improvident and irregular petition for quo warranto Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno whom he publicly urged to be removed for being his enemy.

7) The country has lost that premier status when Duterte campaigned for the restoration of the death penalty and violated human rights with impunity just two years after the Philippines was the acknowledged leader in the Asian Region in human rights protection and promotion.