Paano pag wala ng birth certificate? Former Albay Rep. Grex Lagman jokingly explains void ab initio concept

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President Duterte has declared that the amnesty of Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV is void ab initio because he failed to comply with requirements.

Albay Rep. Grex Lagman is helping the public understand this latin phrase by giving a helpful example.

Lagman, in a Facebook post, explained that void ab initio means “as if it never happened” in English.

Using the palace’s logic, he joked that it could then mean that if the Philippine Statistics Authority loses your birth certificate, you are not a person because you have no birthday.

You are void ab initio, he added.

How do you like this logic now?

“Latin phrase of the week: VOID AB INITIO

Void ab initio in English is: “as if it never happened”; “non-existent or invalid from the beginning”.

Used in a sentence: Hindi ka tao kase wala kang birthday. Nawala ng Philipine Statistics Authority ang birth certificate mo, eh. Kaya, isa kang void ab initio. 😂,” he posted.