No longer a teen! San Fernando Mayor Fermin Mabulo asks his daughter to keep the faith as she turns 20

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The daughter of San Fernando Mayor Fermin Mabulo has achieved so much at her young age that he really could not wish for anything more for her except that she keeps her faith strong.

Louise has turned 20, and Mabulo could not help but marvel at all that she has done.

But he said all that she achieved was due to the lord’s active work in her life. He advised her to remain faithful to him and his commandments, and to bear witness ti his love and grace for mankind wherever she goes.

The mayor also assured her that he and her mom would always be supporting her and helping her become an even better person.

Louise can only soar to new heights!

“Happy Birthday to our dear darling Louise Mabulo. At 20 you have reached heights that even us your earthly parents cannot fathom. Know that it is our heavenly father’s active work in your life that gets you where you are now. Continue being faithful to Him and his Words and Commandments. Bear witness of His great love and grace for mankind wherever you go. Know that Mum and I will always be here loving you and nurturing you to be a better person each day of our lives. Enjoy your day!!!” the mayor posted on Facebook.