Palawan Board Member Prince Demaala IV lauds Bong Go for opening “Malasakit Center”

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Palawan Board Member Prince Demaala IV is thrilled to have a new Malacanang-backed “Malasakit Center” in Palawan that would care for the sick.

And the center is backed by no other than President Duterte and his right hand man Christopher “Bong” Go.

In a Facebook post, Demaala said the new Malasakit Center at the Puerto Princesa hospital would help the sickly poor who could not afford to pay their hospital bills.

It’s no secret that Demaala is a supporter of Go, and now we bet he will be more of a fan than ever!

“Malasakit Center ni PRRD at kuya Christopher Bong Go bukas na sa Hospital Ng Palawan Puerto Princesa , mga may sakit at nangangailangan ng Pambayad sa hospital bills ang tutulungan ng Malasakit Center na yan. 👊 👊 👊 ,” Demaala posted on Facebook.