Strong but humble siya! Cam Sur Rep. LRay Villafuerte gushes about the President during Israel-Jordan trip

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Camarines Sur Rep. LRay Villafuerte is more than proud of President Duterte during his official visit to Israel and Jordan.

Villafuerte, who got to clown around with the chief executive on the way home, described Mr. Duterte as a strong, determined, but humble leader.

He claimed Mr. Duterte was a friend to everyone, as shown by his successful trip.

The President has been known to badmouth critics of his drug war, but he more or less reined in his temper during this overseas trip.

Maybe being close to the holy land had an effect?

“This is our President ! A strong and determined leader but full of humility ! Our people and country above all ! Thank you for the trust and privilege! Mabuhay ka Mayor ! 🙌👏 Friends to everyone ! Congratulations on a very successful and historic state visit to #Israel and #Jordan. #happywithdu30👊 #villa40✌️#proudtobefilipino🇵🇭,” Villafuerte posted.