Philippines represent! Masbate VG Revil joins ASEAN Day celebration in Singapore

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Masbate Vice Governor Kaye Revil is bringing her story of leadership in Singapore as she attends the ASEAN Day in the “Lion City.”

Revils is now in Singapore, which is currently holding the ASEAN chairship for 2018.

The Vice Governor said that she’s “honored” to be part of the celebration.

“Singapore holds the ASEAN chairship for 2018. Honored to be here today as we celebrate ASEAN Day to share my story & join in leading to come up with a team strategy for the Asean Youth Community. Happy ASEAN Day!,” Revil shared.

Revil also thanked Delane Lim, AYC Chairman, for the opportunity to participate in the event.

“Thank you Delane Lim, AYC Chairman for the privilege to be here to learn, unlearn & relearn values & ideals to be able to construct, deconstruct & reconstruct for the ASEAN community,” she said.

Revil earlier said that she’s looking forward “to celebrating with the delegates from the 10 nations of ASEAN.”