Lead the way! Masbate Vice Gov. Kaye Revil knows where she’s going

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With less than two months to go before the filing of certificates of candidacies, Masbate Vice Gov. Kaye Revil knows where she wants to go.

But Revil knows that the way is not easy.

In a Facebook post, she said she can clearly see what she will do to be a good leader and to bring progress and change.

This is despite many obstacles, such as the fact that people can be shortsighted and be blinded by money.

Because of necessity, some opt for leaders who buy them, even though they know they will be made to pay later, she mused.

But Revil does not want to give up. She said she was praying for courage to fight for her vision and find people who will join her cause.

She wishes for selflessness and called on others to pray with her.

Are you ready to join her?

“I know exactly where I want to be headed to. I can clearly visualize what I’ll do to lead & propel progress & change once there. Thing is, many are shortsighted. And truth be told, in this world, money fuels not only things but people. And though they know it’s futile to choose a leader through that, knowing they’ll just amass it all back after, they succumb, because of hungry stomachs they’ve got to feed at the moment & voila the cycle of life in poverty continues. Ah, today I pray for more courage to stand & fight for the vision planted in my heart & hopefully find brave people who will support a cause that goes beyond their own pockets & interests. I pray for more selflessness for the welfare of the next generation. I pray for greed to not succeed. Pray with me. ❤️ #58daystofilingofcandidacy 🙏🏼,” she posted.