May utak din! Sorsogon Gov. Bobet Lee Rordrigueza says Pacquiao win not just due to strength

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Everybody is rejoicing over Manny Pacquiao’s win over Lucas Matthysse to get the WBA welterweight title.

But did you know that it wasn’t just the strength in Pacquiao’s knockout punch that led to his victory?

In congratulating the boxer on Facebook, Sorsogon Gov. Bobet Lee Rodrigueza showed that the victory was also a product strategizing.

Rodrigueza shared a photo of Pacquiao playing chess and said this was part of the training to outsmart Matthyse.

Boxing is not all about brawn, brains are involved, too!

“Congratulations Sen. Manny Pacquiao! 👊 👍Eto ang training nya para mautakan si Matthysse 😂 😂 😂,” Rodrigueza posted.