Never too busy for love! Cam Norte Vice Gov. Jonah PImentel and wife enjoy brief airport encounter


Camarines Norte Vice Gov. Jonah Pimentel and his wife Bembem are busy people with a lot of responsibilities, but they exert the effort to make time for each other.

In a Facebook post, Bembem shared that she and husband had a quick airport encounter.

The two of them shared a snack of bibingka and tinapa empanada at Naia’s Terminal 3 because it was the only time they could find before their respective appointments.

She had just landed from Shanghai, while Jonah’s plane was about to take off in an hour for a back-to-back meeting in Region 5.

Their brief meal was a welcome twist in their busy schedules, she said.

They are truly #couplegoals!

“I just landed from Shanghai and in an hour Jonah is taking off for a back-to-back meeting in Region 5. This meet up at NAIA Terminal 3 for a quick bite of ‘Bibingka & Tinapa Empanada’ at M Boutique [by The Manila Hotel] added a welcome twist on our daily busy grind. 💛 ,” she posted.