Mayor Bongat touts beauty of Naga City in Canada

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Naga Mayor John Bongat has promoted the beauty of his city on a Canadian soil.

Mayor Bongat guested on Pinoy Pa Rin Program in Montreal during his visit there and was able to tout Naga City.

It was also a special moment for the mayor as it happened on the eve of his birthday.

“Au revoir Montreal! AFTER THIS TV GUESTING on Pinoy Pa Rin Program in Montreal, hosted by Tenne and Michael, we’re on the road to Toronto to attend the activities prepared by the Filipino community, yes, on the eve of my birthday,” the Mayor said.

“Thank you Pinoy TV Montreal for promoting Naga on Canadian soil! Watch out for the replay of this episode of Pinoy Pa Rin show over Naga Smiles TV soon!, he added.

Mayor Bongat visited Canada also to attend the ICLEI World Congress in Montreal.

“DONE with my assignment in Montreal at the #ICLEIworldCongress. Thanks Tenne Rose Dayandante and the ICI Television Montreal, and the rest of the Filipino community in Montreal for the warmth and hospitality,” the mayor said.

“After our taping with Pinoy Pa Rin program, we shall be driving to Toronto for tomorrow’s Meet and Greet with Bicolanos and Filipinos there c/o Mr. Von Canton!,” he added.