Sorsogon Gov. Rodrigueza turns sentimental as he greets his dad a happy Father’s Day

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Sorsogon Govenor Bobet Lee Rodrigueza turned a little bit sentimental as he greeted his dad a happy father’s day.

In a recent Facebook post, the governor thanked his father former Sorsogon Governor Raul Lee for his guidance and influence.”

“Happy Father’s Day Papa! Thank you for your guidance and influence. You are my inspiration behind the tagline “Padabaon ta an Sorsogon,” Rodrigueza said.

The governor said that his father has served the province selflessly and has committed himself to serve the people of Sorsogon.

“You served selflessly, sincerely and tirelessly with a strong commitment to public service,” he said.

Rodrigueza also said that his father has been his toughest critic and the reason that he became the person that he is today.

“You are my toughest critic but still I am thankful because it taught me to serve steadfastly to the best of my abilities, to be generous, compassionate, to be trusting and trust-worthy and to always be grounded I love you so much!,” he added.