Citizen Mar enjoys quick trip to Naga with VP Leni

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It’s a reunion of the 2016 Liberal Party tandem!

Mar Roxas didn’t let Vice President Leni Robredo know in advance of his trip to Naga to avoid any special treatment.

But Robredo found out about it anyway when he asked her daughters for recommendations on where to eat in the city.

She found her 2016 running mate in their favorite halo-halo place, acting just like any backpacker, she said.

And he was obviously enjoying himself, she added.

Looks life civilian life suits him!

“Naga’s unexpected guest. Hindi nagpasabing dadaan kasi ayaw magpaasikaso. Got the tip from my girls because he texted them to ask for recommendations on where to eat. True enough, we found him in our favourite halo halo place. He’s here like any other regular backpacker. And he’s obviously enjoying himself,” Robredo posted on Facebook.