Reunion na, nalibre pa! Masbate Vice Gov. Kaye Revil thankful for generous friend

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It is always nice to bump into an old friend, but Masbate Vice Gov. Kaye Revil got more than a happy reunion when she unexpectedly met an old classmate in a restaurant.

Revil was glad to see her old Harvard classmate, Mayor Rundy Ebdane of Zambales, at a restaurant.

Ebdane had been her only Filipino classmate in Harvard, and they had fun catching up.

But he sprung a nice surprise when he also paid for the bill of Revil and her family.

Revil thanked Ebdane and wished for more blessings for generous people like him.

That is one happy ending to a meal!

“Generous people be blessed a million folds. ☺ 🙏🏼 Glad bumping into my one & only fellow Filipino classmate in Harvard, Mayor Rundy Ebdane of Zambales & family. Before we knew it, they paid for our bill already. 😬 😅 Thank you. Happy Father’s Day weekend everyone! ❤,” the Vice Governor posted.