Nagawa ko yan! Cam Sur Rep. LRay Villafuerte touts accomplishment

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Camarines Sur Rep. LRay Villafuerte is mighty proud of himself.

In an Instagram post, Villafuerte said he was able to do in less than two years what other officials failed to do in 15 years.

Many had promised to turn into a concrete bridge the hanging bridge in Gainza, but none of them did so, until he came along.

The concrete bridge is now under construction, just as he promised during the 2016 campaign, he said.

Of course, he couldn’t have accomplished this without the help of Public Works Secretary Mark Villar and President Duterte.

It sure helps to be a ka-DDS!

“Happy and proud to announce I’m able to do in less than 2 years what others promised to do and was not able to fulfill in more than 15 years !!! Marami na nangako na gagawin concrete bridge ang brgy Loob and brgy sampaloc Hanging Bridge in Gainza !!! Now we are proud to say that what we have promised last 2016 elections , that if I win with Gov Migz and mayor Agor we will construct soonest a concrete bridge . It’s now currently ongoing construction. #promisefulfilled Big thanks to DPWH sec Mark Villar and Pres #du30 👊 #villa40✌️ #fuertesacamsur #distritoelriofuerte

More concrete bridges to follow !!! #buildbuildbuild,” he posted on Instagram.