Like mother, like daughter! Masbate VG Revil proud mom as her daughter Bavick bags print campaign shoot

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Masbate Vice Governor Kaye Revil continues to win at life, whether on her political career or her family life.

The multi-awarded Vice Governor had a proud mother moment recently after receiving a phone call telling her that her daughter Bavick scored a print campaign shoot.

Revil said that her daughter will be paid in “5 digits” for the shoot and she wants Bavick to have all her hard-earned money to be hers alone to enjoy.

Here’s the short transcript of Revil’s phone conversation:

Phone rang.
Lady: Hello, may I please speak with Bavick Revil’s mother.

Me: Yes speaking, who’s this please?

Lady: This is from _____, we would like to inform you that your daughter got in for a print campaign shoot & she will be paid for it, to whom do we name the check?

Me: Oh nice, to her please. I want her to enjoy her own hard work. May I know how much it is?

Lady: It will be 5 digits at the very least.
Me: Oh wow, cool! Thank you.
Lady: (went on to give the details of the photo shoot)

Revil said that she is excited for the newest endeavor of her daughter, who also walked for a bridal fashion show recently.

“From a bridal fashion show’s free membership to a luxury facilities club now to being paid for a photo shoot, awesome, awesome, I’m really happy for you my child, soar high! Excited is an understatement. But again, keep your feet on the ground,” VG Revil said.