Catanduanes residents file admin raps vs FICELCO officials over neglect of duty

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An administrative complaint for negligence of duty has been lodged against the officials of the First Catanduanes Electric Cooperative, Inc. (FICELCO) before the National Electrification Administration.

The private complainants are Marlon D. Suplig, Romeo Camano, Pedro Tulalian and Fernando Chavez, who are all residents of Catanduanes.

Facing charges are FICELCO President Alexander Ang Hung, OIC General Manager Jonathan Valles, Directors Rudolfo Vargas, Arcenia Bernacer, Julian Soneja, Technical Services Department Francis Guianan, and Dispatch Officer Jose Barro, Jr.

The complainants specifically prayed for the removal of the respondents in office over the alleged grave misconduct, gross neglect of duty, conduct prejudicial to the interest of electric cooperative and member consumers, and willful violation and of non compliance with NEA issuances, memoranda and other rules and regulations.

The complainants said that the complaint stemmed from the “frustration and dissatisfaction by the member-consumers of FICELCO due to frequent and unnecessary power outages” which caused inconvenience to the province.

This inaction, according to the complaint, even resulted to the approval of an Catanduanes Sangguniang Panlalawigan Resolution requesting the NEA to take over the operations of FICELCO last December.

“As a matter of fact, from May 14 to May 22, 2018, a series of power interruptions were experienced in the service area of FICELCO due to shortage of power supply that caused grave inconvenience and prejudice to the members-consumers of FICELCO,” the complaint read.

“As complainants commonly share the same grievances brought about by the power interruptions and massive dissatisfaction with the quality of service that FICELCO provides, they agreed voluntarily and willingly to join hands and banded together to support the fight to put a stop to the wrongdoings committed by the incompetent officials of FICELCO who are undeserving of the people’s trust to manage and operate it,” it added.

Complainants also said that they decided to act on the matter amid the [t]hreatened of the prospects that the power outages would continue and worsen in the coming years due to the deliberate inaction and manipulation of FICELCO management,”

The Diocese of Virac also wrote to the NEA to take proactive measures against the FICELCO over its inaction to continuous power outages in Catanduanes.