Tipid and trendy! Masbate Vice Gov. Kaye Revil shares clothes with daughter


For Masbate Gov. Kaye Revil, one upside to keeping her slim figure is that she gets to save on her clothing budget.

In a Facebook post, Revil shared that she and her teenage daughter Bavick are the same size. This means she could dress as her daughter would.

It keeps her looking young, and also keeps her wallet fuller, as the two of them get to share clothes. It would even be three of them if her other daughter were in the country.

Like mother, like daughter!

“When you are somehow of the same size as your teenager daughter Bavick Revil, you may choose to dress as she would, other than it helps you look younger, you save up, coz 1 size fits 2. 😂 Or 3 Jovi Revil. 😉 😘 ,” she posted.