No sore losers here! Tabaco Councilor Sheina Onrubia commends dad’s barangay rival for gracious concession

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If only all candidates would accept their defeats this graciously.

Tabaco Councilor Sheina Onrubia commended her father’s rival for barangay chair, Jun Brutas, for coming to their house to raise her father Arnulfo’s hand as a sign that he was conceding to his rival’s victory.

Brutas even pledged his support for her father, the konsehala marveled.

She commended the two electoral rivals and said she was so proud of their conduct. They are like brothers, she said.

With candidates like them, Barangay Tayhi would not need to worry about petty political rivalries.

Let’s hope the other barangays are as lucky!

“WHAT A SIGHT TO BEHOLD! So proud of our Punong Barangay candidates! They are like brothers. Kuya Jun Brutas went to our house, raised Papa’s hand as a sign of concession, and pledged his support. God bless, Barangay Tayhi! Congrats, Papa! Thanks, Kuya Jun! ” the councilor posted on Facebook.