Model student agad! Naga Mayor John Bongat’s little boy just loves school

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There were no iyakan blues or separation anxiety when Naga Mayor John Bongat’s little boy reported for school today.

The proud papa reported on Chanchan’s first day of school on Facebook, and he couldn’t be happier about how his son was taking to the new environment.

Bongat shared that Chanchan politely greeted his teacher “good morning” when she came to welcome him.

The young boy was also filled with excitement to meet new friends and playmates. Moreover, Chanchan was obedient, attentive, and the very picture of happiness when he was in school, said the mayor.

He just loves school, he added.

Looks like we have the makings of a model student!

“OFFICIALLY A SCHOOL BOY STARTING TODAY. “Good morning, ma’am,” replies Chanchan after being greeted by his very accommodating teacher. Yes, that’s how ready he is for school, and how filled he is with excitement as he gets to meet new friends and playmates. He is very obedient, attentive and is a picture of happiness! 0n his first taste of school life this morning, Chanchan just loves it!,” Bongat posted.