Anomalya? Albay Board Member Raul Rosal wants probe of unauthorized increase of sand and gravel

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Even sand and gravel are not spared from supposed anomalies.

Albay Board Member Raul Rosal is calling on national government agencies to look into the unauthorized increase of the prices of sand and gravel from P300 to P500 through an executive order, when the Sanggunian’s approval should have been obtained.

Moreover, Rosal said on Facebook, any increase should have been subjected to a public hearing first as prescribed under the law.

He also said fees of P7 and P25 per cubic meter are being collected before the suppliers of gravel and sand are issued transport permits within and outside Albay provinces.

This just drives up the prices of the bags of sand and gravel to as high as P1,500, as reported to him by the people. he said.

In the end, the Albaysanons would suffer as they would be bearing the brunt of the higher prices.

Somebody look into this, stat!

“I hope & pray that this matter should also be investigated by the National Government Agencies Concerned: When i was the Chairman of the Committee on Ways & Means & Environment, I agreed that the Fair Market Value (FMV) of Sand & Gravel (SAG) be raised from P 120.00 to P 300.00 per cbm wherein 10 percent of which is the tax due to the LGU’s because there was no increase in more or less 20 yrs & it will create an additional income for the province, cities/municipalities & barangay with 30-30-40 percent sharing, respectively. However, such increase was not reviewed & approved by the Sanggunian. In less than a year, the FMV was again increased from P 300.00 to P 500.00 thru an Executive Order only without the approval of Sanggunian. Pursuant to the Provisions of RA 7160, no increase in Fees should be implemented without the approval of the Sanggunian & without conducting a Public Hearing. Aside from this baseless increased, an additional without receipts or under the table of P 7.00(w/n Albay) & P 25.00(outside albay) per cbm is being collected before issuance of transport permit to transport SAG within Albay & ouside Albay province, respectively from the concessionaires. Finding Nemo is the bag man! Kagagaling kopalang ng Rapu-Rapu, ang sabi ng mga tao doon P 1,500 per cbm na ang buhangin, sympre hindi man magpapalugi ang mga Permittess, ipapatung nila anuman additional expenses kaya ang lugi po dito ay ang mga Albayanos samantalang nandito at marami ang source lalo na kaka erupt lang ng Mayon,” Rosal posted on Facebook.