31 Pinoys die every day in road accidents, Sarmiento tells UN

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House committee on transportation chairman Cesar Sarmiento spoke about the hazards faced by Filipinos every day from road crashes in a speech before the United Nations General Assembly in its headquarters in New York last Friday.

During the UN meeting on road safety, the Catanduanes representative said more and more Filipinos die from accidents on the road every year.

“In the Philippines, we are also having a hard time meeting the target. As of the end of 2016, road crashes kill an average of 31 people a day and is a major cause of death for our youth,” Sarmiento said.

“This figure shows a 40 percent increase on the number of deaths compared to 2006, ten years ago,” he added.

“What is happening in the Philippines and globally is demoralizing, but it is not for us to lose hope. Majority of these road crashes are predictable and preventable,” Sarmiento said.

He called on policymakers and leaders to “strengthen our resolve to address this issue so that we can save lives from being lost and individuals from being injured.”

“Many families have lost a member to a tragic road crashes, which could have been predicted and prevented, had laws been observed or implemented, strictly,” he said.

“We can do something, and we will do our best effort to address this,” Sarmiento said.