Naga City celebrates Naga River Day


The Naga City celebrated today, March 10, the Naga River Day with a clean-up drive, with the aim of encouraging better stewardship of the environment.

Naga City Mayor John Bongat led the celebration this morning together with the City Government Officials.

Several private stakeholders and nongovernment organizations attended the event, celebrated every second Saturday of March annually.

“Naga City celebrates NAGA RIVER DAY TODAY! Thanks to my fellow city officials and employees spearheaded by City ENRO, SWMO, CEO and all city depts as well as to the barangays and all other sectors, from both gov’t and private institutions and organizations, for participating in the citywide clean- up this morning, and in the tilapia fingerlings and bokashi balls dispersal in the revitalized Naga River!,” said Mayor Bongat.

The Naga River Day is pursuant to the City Proclamation No. 2014-002. The Naga River Day is also called “Adlaw kan Salog kan Buhay.”

“This effort is multi-faceted approach wherein partner agencies from both the government and private sector creating public awareness in preserving the historic Naga River, and to encourage better stewardship of the environment,” Mayor Bongat’s memorandum on Naga River Day celebration read.

The City Environment and Natural Resources Office spearheaded the celebration.