CamSur Gov. Villlafuerte vows to support PWD sector

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Camarines Sur Governor Miguel Villafuerte vows that under his administration, nobody gets left behind – particularly the persons with disability (PWD) sector.

Villafuerte made this commitment when he as invited as a guest speaker during the 11th General Assembly of Persons with Disability in Tinambac town.

“We were invited to be the guest speaker on the 11th General Assembly of Persons with Disability in Tinambac. Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible—with no sector being left behind nor forgotten,” said Villafuerte.

During the event, Villafuerte presented his projects for the PWD sector and pledged to support their causes.

“We shared with our PWD brothers and sisters the programs the Provincial Government of Camsur has for them, and pledged funding for the PWD Federation of Tinambac to help out with their own projects as well,” he said.

The local government of Tinambac, Camarines Sur has gathered almost a thousand persons with disabilities in the municipality in support of the 11th General Assembly of Persons with Disability celebration recently.

With the theme “Karapatan ng may Kapansanan, isakatuparan. Now na!,” PWDs get food packs and other medical services from the provincial and local governments.

Tinambac Munucipal Councilor Bobot Prades said that the gathering aims to make PWDs feel loved and to show them that they are part of the community.

Around 1,000 PDWs from all of the 44 barangays in Tinambac attended the gathering.