Coron Mayor Jerry Barracoso has the most delicious bouquet for the loveless

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To those who refuse to celebrate Valentine’s Day or find the occasion too cheesy, Coron Mayor Jerry Barracoso has a special bouquet just for you.

It’s a bouquet of the most delicious bulaklak— chicharon bulaklak, to be exact.

In a lighthearted Facebook post, the mayor said the chicharon bulaklak bouquet, complete with spicy sili, is the best for those who are not into this red-hot day.

After all, even if you’re not in love, you deserve to be happy (or have a happy tummy, at the very least)!

“Happy Valentine ‘s Day po sa mga hindi naka pula ngayong araw na ito #BulaklakParaSayo #JokeLamangTangay #MasarapMagingMasaya #ArawNgMgaPuso #SmileAndLoveLoveLove,” the mayor posted.