Naga Mayor John Bongat smiles through traffic— even on the runway

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Maybe he’s just a naturally jolly person, but Naga Mayor John Bongat can smile his way through traffic, wherever it is.

On Facebook, Bongat shared that he was stuck in the plane for an hour because of air and runway congestion.

This delayed his flight back to Naga. But instead of letting it ruin his day, he just took a smiling selfie.

Anyway, his flight was finally announced for take off after 60 minutes, and he was soon on his way home to his beloved city.

Patience is a virtue!

“BEEN STUCK INSIDE THE PLANE FOR 1 HOUR due to air and runway traffic congestion. Hay salamat, patake-off na! Thank God! See ya in Naga! Good morning! #SmilePaRin,” he posted.

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