Take note, Mocha! Former Albay Rep. Grex Lagman shares lesson about taking responsibility

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As they are paid with taxpayers’ money, it’s important for government workers to be competent and to take responsibility for their actions.

Former Albay Rep. Grex Lagman learned this lesson as a young press officer at the Philippine embassy in Washington, D.C.

On Facebook, he shared that he had once made a mistake about the holidays in the Philippines. As a result, his boss scolded him. When he reasoned that he made a just a “minor mistake,” he was told that as member of the embassy’s communication arm, it was his job to give out accurate information.

He apologized and promised to double check his facts next time.

It was not about being perfect, he said. The lesson was to learn to be competent and to take responsibility for your actions, to make sure you’re worth the money the government is paying you.

He ended the post with a hashtag #NoToMochasPlea, which could be a reference to Assistant Communications Secretary Mocha Uson who has gotten flak for claiming Mayon Volcano is in Naga. She corrected her mistake, but at the same time complained that her critics were making such a big deal out of it.

If a government official is paid six figures a month, Filipinos want to make sure the money from their taxes isn’t being wasted!