Kalma lang! VP Leni Robredo explains why she went barefoot to a basher

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Vice President Leni Robredo is no stranger to bashers online in these highly divisive era, and she took the time to respond to one of them.

An online hater castigated the Vice President for going barefoot while walking along a rice field. The message, filled with vitriol and cuss words, accused her of shedding her slippers as a PR stunt.

Robredo responded on Facebook, explaining that the photo was taken in 2014 when she was a member of Congress. At that time, she personally inspected projects in her district to see to it that these were being implemented properly.

She wore slippers on that trip to easily navigate through the fields and the mud. The straps of her slippers broke during her inspection, but by then, she was too far from her starting point for her to turn back. Her group decided to just continue the inspection, and that was why she was barefoot.

No stunt here.

“As a member of Congress, I personally inspected projects in my district to ensure that they are being done correctly and the needs of my constituents are met. This photo was taken in 2014 during one of my trips to far flung barangays in the third district of Camarines Sur. During the trip, I was wearing slippers to easily navigate through the fields, mud, and terrain. In the middle of our journey, the straps of my slippers broke and it was already too far to go back. We decided to continue despite this and inspected the project of the National Irrigation Authority (NIA),” she posted.