Year-round santa? Ako Bicol Rep. Rodel Batocabe helps family start a new life

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It doesn’t have to be Christmas for a politiko to play santa to a family in need.

Ako Bicol Rep. Rodel Batocabe proved this when he helped a Bicolano family start a new life in Manila.

The family had gone to Manila earlier to find their fortune in the city, but luck hadn’t favored them.

Batocabe was initially supposed to help the homeless family return to Sorsogon from Manila after PTV 4 referred them to him.

But a generous soul offered the father a job. Batocabe decided to just help the family start afresh by contributing to their rent and living expenses.

However, he did not stop at that. He made sure the family would use their funds wisely so that they need not fall on hard times again.

“Helping a homeless Bicolano family from Sorsogon, referred by PTV 4 Damayan program, start up a new life in the metropolis. The family came to Manila for a better life but for lack of resources lived on a sidewalk. Originally, I was requested by the program to help the family go back to Bicol. But some kind soul offered the father a job and as such, I just contributed their initial living and rental expenses, But then, I had to give a mouthful of advice to the family to spend their money wisely,” Batocabe posted on Facebook.