Aspiring singer? Marinduque Rep. Lord Velasco turns uses song titles to greet his wife a happy birthday

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It’s Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco’s turn to share a sweet birthday message for his wife Wen.

She called him her Coco Martin on her birthday post for him, but the politiko seems like he’d want to be a singer as well.

In his birthday message on Facebook, he first told Wen that she shouldn’t worry about turning a year older since age is just a number. He believes she will continue to have a blessed and fruitful life because she has shared her blessings with others.

He then promised that “”I’ll be there,” identifying the song as from the Jackson 5. He will be with her “Through the years” (as sung by Kenny Loggins), and sought forgiveness for his forthcomings, as “I’m only human (The Human League).”

He vowed to repay her “One Hundred Ways” (James Ingram).

“Happy, Happy Birthday B!!❤ Don’t worry about getting old coz Age is just a number. It’s really how You have lived and will live Your life, and I believe that with who You are, the people You have shared Your Blessings, You will live a very Blessed and Fruitful life 👑
And in all the rough patches that We’ve been through and that We’re gonna go through.. “I’LL BE THERE” (The Jackson 5).. And that I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You and that i’ll be there with You “THROUGH THE YEARS” (Kenny Logins).. For all My shortcomings, Again, I ask for Your Forgiveness Baby coz “I’M ONLY HUMAN” (The Human League).. and that I would repay them “ONE HUNDRED WAYS” (James Ingram)..
I Love You to the moon and back B!!❤ #MyForever #MyOneTrueLovepastedGraphic.png,” he posted.