Alaga o ulam? Sto. Domingo Councilor Cynthia Fe Ras raises her own food

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It seems like Sto. Domingo Councilor Cynthia Fe “Pipay” Ras is getting more particular about where her food comes from.

The politiko is actually raising her own free range chickens, explaining that this is part of her goal to be healthier.

On Facebook, she explained that she has determined what’s important to her and has decided to turn her back on junk food in favor of healthier meals.

“Upon reaching a certain age, our tastes start changing. Some things become unimportant, while others take on much more significance. 😇 Choosing healthy foods over junk foods 😋 Yeah I’m raising my own food. #HappyChickenIsAHealthyChicken #FreeRangeChickens #FreeRangeFarm,” she posted.