Naga City reminds workers, students November 2 is not holiday

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The City Government of Naga has reminded its residents that November 2 is not a holiday, warning them about the “fake news” circulating online.

“It is understood that it is a regular working day unless a subsequent proclamation or memorandum circular is issued by the President (by himself or thru his Executive Secretary) declaring it as a holiday or announcing class and work suspensions,” the Naga City said in a statement.

The city said that upon checking with the official government websites and portals, “there is yet no issuance being officially released or communicated Re declaration of November 2 as (non-working) holiday.”

The city encourages its citizens not believe about news circulating about the holiday declaration.

“We encourage netizens to be cautious in sharing information online. We have observed a lot of #fakenews circulating in various social media sites and platforms alleging that the President has already declared November 2 as a non-working day,” Naga City said.

The City Government added that they will announce any development from the Malacañan Palace.