Lagman to Duterte: Stop boasting about your election win

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Albay first-district Rep. Edcel Lagman said President Rodrigo Duterte should stop boasting of his six-million margin of victory in the May 2016 election, as “it is statistically flawed and patently misleading”

“The results of the 2016 Presidential elections installed Duterte as President based on his braggadocio and exaggerated promises, not on his untested performance nationwide,” he said.

The Magnificent 7 leader noted that Duterte’s 16,601,997 votes constituted only a plurality of the 42,552,835 votes cast as the other presidential candidates garnered a combined total of 25,990,838 votes.

“If Duterte’s ratings were to be based on the voter turnout and preference in the presidential elections, then his ratings would even be lower that the recent SWS and Pulse Asia surveys which registered drastic falls in his performance and trust ratings,” Lagman said.

“An incumbent’s performance and trust ratings are vastly different from a candidate’s acceptability during the election. An electoral mandate is never a viable yardstick or assurance of an outstanding performance while one holds office,” he added.