Lagman to Duterte: Don’t make excuses, make amends to improve ratings

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It’s not just a seasonal decline or the end of the honeymoon.

Albay first-district Rep. Edcel Lagman said the the double-digit erosion of President Rodrigo Duterte’s popularity and trust ratings is “strongly indicative of the Filipinos’ frustration over the President’s persistent erratic policies, flawed pronouncements and cardinal failures.”

The Magnificent 7 leader cited five reasons for the 18-point drop in Duterte’s net satisfaction ratings.

1. Unabated summarily killings of suspected drug users and dealers;
2. Consistent predisposition to authoritarian rule;
3. Inordinate vindictiveness and reprisal against critics;
4. Persistent purveying of patent lies and twisting of the truth; and
5. Unredeemed promises like alleviating poverty; solving the drug problem and traffic mess; and forging peace with the left and Muslim separatists.

Lagman said the Duterte administration must positively respond to these serious indictments rather than sweep these criticisms under the rug.

“The President and his subalterns must not foment excuses and alibis but should make contrite amends and requisite reforms to arrest the fall of the President’s ratings,” he said.