Stop na please! Romblon Mayor calls for justice, end of killings

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Through hashtags, Odiongan Mayor Trina Firmalo-Fabic has sought for justice for the victims of killings on Facebook.

“#stopthekillings #stopthecultureofimpunity#justice,” the mayor wrote as caption for a GMA News article she shared about the 14-year-old Carl de Guzman recently found in Gapan, Nueva Ecija.

The boy, who was missing for more than two weeks since he was last seen with 19-year-old UP Student Carl Arnaiz, was floating on a creek—his body with 30 stab wounds and his face wrapped in masking tape.

De Guzman’s perpetrators have yet to be found. A police report, meanwhile, said Arnaiz was shot dead by Calooocan policemen who allegedly foiled Arnaiz’ holdup robbery.

The shared article had a thumbnail of de Guzman’s school ID photo.

Well, it’s not just the mayor asking this these days. Hope the outcry won’t stop online.