Lagman on Libingan party: Marcos shamelessness ‘beyond words’

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Anti-Marcos critic Edcel Lagman, representative of Albay’s first district, said the shamelessness of the Marcoses were “beyond words” after he got an invitation to the 100th birth anniversary celebration of the Marcoses at Libingan ng mga Bayani.

“The Marcoses’ shamelessness is beyond words and their sense of entitlement knows no bounds,” he said in a media statement after his staff showed reporters a picture of his invitation to the party.

Lagman said the planned party at Libingan defiles the memory of all the legitimate heroes buried in the cemetery and rubs salt on the still-bleeding wounds of the thousands of victims of the Marcos dictatorship.

“Clearly, there is no measure to the depths of depravity that the Marcoses are willing to sink to. In the face of this shamelessness and utter lack of remorse, Filipinos cannot afford not to fight back and be silent,” he said.

Lagman suggested that to mark Marcos’ birth anniversary, his heirs should instead unequivocally commit the immediate surrender of the totality of the Marcos ill-gotten hoard without conditions.