Guten Morgen! Romblon Mayor Fabic in Germany for 2-week leadership conference

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Now’s the time to get out and learn.

Odiongan, Mayor Trina Firmalo-Fabic is one of the participants in the two-week conference on politics and citizens’ participation at the International Academy for Leadership (IAF) at Gummersbach in Germany.

Attending were politicians, academicians and civic group and political members from 24 countries.

“[I] am excited to learn more about best practices around the world, and apply these for enhanced governance in Odiongan,” the mayor said.

On her first day abroad, the Romblon mayor said she took a nice morning walk and jog around the area before the session started.

Germany made her dream of more public green spaces in the Philippines, she said in her post.

The post got a heart from VP Leni! And us, too! Return home soon, fresh with fresh insights.