Too good to be true: Acop wary of witness’ testimony clearing Governor Joseph Cua as mega shabu lab owner

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Antipolo Rep. Romeo Acop smells something fishy with the testimony given by a new witness who cleared Catanduanes Governor Joseph Cua of any involvement in the operations of the mega shabu laboratory raided by authorities last year.

Acop, a former chief of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG), said it was the first time in his life as an investigator to read a testimony as perfect as the one given by Ernesto Besmonte Tabor Jr.

It was “too perfect,” Acop said during the congressional hearing on the mega shabu laboratory on August 10.

In particular, the lawmaker questioned how Tabor knew certain details about the shabu laboratory.

Acop said he found Tabor’s testimony too good to be true.

Tabor, who said he worked at the National Bureau of Investigation. claimed knowing details about the shabu factory because he knew its architect.

The NBI, however, denied Tabor was its employee.

Policemen from Catanduanes have used Tabor’s uncorroborated testimony to file a second amended complaint tagging Cua’s political enemies, Jardin and Joseph Wong, as the shabu laboratory’s financiers.

Tabor also implicated Larry Que, a journalist who was shot dead just before he exposed Cua’s alleged involvement in the illegal drug trade.

The mega shabu laboratory in Catanduanes was raided by policemen on November 2016. It was found to have equipment capable of producing up to 9.6 tons of shabu.