Bata ni Governor: Is Joseph Cua using Catanduanes police to cover up tracks in drug trade?

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Local policemen may be complicit in Catanduanes Governor Joseph Cua’s bid to clear his name in the illegal drug trade as President Rodrigo Duterte intensifies his crackdown on narcopolitikos.

The investigation on Cua’s alleged involvement in the operations of a mega shabu factory discovered in Virac town took a surprising twist on July 5 when the Philippine National Police (PNP) filed a second amended complaint where the governor’s name was absent.

Instead, the individuals tagged as financiers of the mega shabu factory were Cua’s political opponents, Jardin and Joseph Wong.

The second amended complaint was based on the testimony of Ernesto Besmonte Tabor Jr., who claimed to have details of the shabu factory’s operations.

Tabor, who supposedly worked for the National Bureau of Investigation, also named journalist Larry Que as another personality involved in the illegal drug trade.

Que was shot dead last year before he was able to publish his expose establishing Cua’s ties to the illegal drug trade.

Interestingly, the PNP in Catanduanes proceeded to file the second amended complaint even if certain details contained in Tabor’s testimony were inconsistent with the investigation report filed by the PNP in December 2016, and the original criminal complaint.

Police Investigator Benjamin Dela Rosa, who was a party to the filing of the second amended complaint, used to be Cua’s employee in the provincial governor’s office.

Two days before the second amended complaint was filed, PNP Region 5 Regional Director Melvin Ramon Buenafe gave awards to Cua and Virac Regional Trial Court judge Lelu Conteras for their supposed contributions to fighting the illegal drug menace.

Buenafe and the governor are both Freemasons.

On August 7, Cua, Contreras and Mayor Sammy Laynes received another award for their alleged efforts to stop the illegal drug trade from the PNP’s provincial office in Catanduanes.

Given the PNP’s suspicious actions in the past month, one can’t help but wonder if the police are deliberately turning a blind eye to Cua’s alleged involvement in the illegal drug trade or they’re desperate to cover up his tracks.