CamSur village captain demands resignation of all ‘tanods.’ Here’s why

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Barangay Calauag Captain Corazon Peñaflor of Naga City has told all the barangay watchmen (tanods) under her to resign due to their sheer hardheadedness.

According to a Brigada News FM Naga report, Peñaflor demanded the tanods’ resignation after learning that they have not been attending various trainings and seminars despite orders for them to do so.

The village politiko said that as tanods, it’s part of their duty to actively participate in these activities since these would prepare them to respond to calamities like floods, fires and other untoward incidents in their area.

Peñaflor underscored that local folk depend on tanods during these difficult situations.

As such, Peñaflor stressed that she made the right call in telling the erring tanods to resign since this would allow her to pick new ones who actually have the heart to help their fellow residents. #