Wala ka pala eh! Edcel calls Digong ‘pathetic’

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For Albay 1st district Rep. Edcel Lagman, the oft-described toughie President Rodrigo Duterte turned pathetic when he “admitted helplessness” on his Chinese counterpart’s threat of war against the Philippines.

” President Rodrigo Duterte’s was pathetic when he admitted helplessness when Chinese President Xi Jinping threatened to go to war if the Philippines would enforce its sovereignty over the West Philippine Sea (WPS),” said Lagman, who belongs to the opposition.

Lagman, a lawyer, insisted that Duterte is never helpless as there are international bodies like the United Nations (UN) where the Philippines can run to as well as international agreements that the country can invoke.

Incidentally, Manila won a favorable ruling in its arbitration case against Beijing on the WPS issue in July 2016.

However, Duterte has refused to raise this landmark ruling in his conversations with Xi, and Lagman claims to know why.

“Duterte’s acceptance with alacrity of the Chinese promises of aid and investments appears to be in exchange for not enforcing the arbitral award of the United Nations-supported Permanent Court of Arbitration in favor of the Philippines over the vast and resource-rich areas of the West Philippine Sea,” the Bicolano said.

Xi, Duterte said, threatened the Philippines with war in the event that it drills for oil in the WPS.