Pinaubaya nanaman sa tao: Lagman admits SC can’t save junked Alejano complaint

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Albay 1st district Rep. Edcel Lagman admitted Tuesday (May 16) that the Supreme Court (SC) can’t–and won’t–overturn the House Justice Committee’s thrashing of the impeachment complaint against President Rodrigo Duterte.

As such, the opposition politiko said that it’s now up to the Filipino people create a ruckus about the unfair proceedings at the Justice panel Monday.

“There is no more [legal] remedy. Their (panel) fatal mistake is not correctible even by the Supreme Court.

“They will always say that it’s a political question which the Supreme Court will not touch. But the remedy is with the people…The remedy is for the people to voice out their opinion on this matter,” he noted.

Lagman prodded the people to “go as far as they can” in this exercise.

However, the Bicolano politiko clarified that he wasn’t asking for “people power” or any sort of upheaval against the government.

“I’m just saying that there should be a collective voice of the people to really demand judiciousness and fairness in the proceedings.”

Lagman’s fellow opposition member, Magdalo Party-List Rep. Gary Alejano was the filer of the impeachment complaint against the president.

It was deemed insufficient in substance by the Justice panel Monday and was thus junked.

Alejano’s side was “not properly heard” during the Committee hearing, insisted Lagman.