Slain journo’s final expose: Gov Joseph Cua’s businesses a front for drug trade

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Catanduanes Governor Joseph Cua built his wealth by getting involved in the illegal drug trade and using his transportation businesses as a cover.

This was the exposé that was supposed to be released by local journalist Larry Que before he was shot dead by unknown assailants on board a motorcycle last December.

The incriminating information that Que got on Cua was discovered by his common law wife, Edralyn Pangilinan, shortly after his death.

According to the information obtained by Que, Cua started trading illegal drugs in the late 1990s. To cover up for the illicit activity, the Bicolano politiko launched ferryboats and started the provincial RSL bus line to transport shabu in and and out of Catanduanes.

The drug trade proved to be highly successful that Cua was able to build his wealth in a short span of time. With his money, the politiko bought several properties, luxury vehicles, and built gas stations and hotels all over Catanduanes.

Que, owner of the Catanduanes News Now, said Cua’s drug business was common knowledge in the province though no one dared speak up about it out of fear.

In November last year, the Philippine National Police raided a large-scale shabu laboratory in Barangay Palta Small, Virac, Catanduanes. Cua denied he was involved in the drug trade after his name was dragged into the discovery of the property.

Pangilinan, together with the National Press Club, filed a murder charge against Cua on May 2 over Que’s death.