Smelly problem: Balatas dumpsite closure to create two-week stench

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Can residents of Balatas, Naga City endure two weeks of near inescapable foul odor from the local dumpsite?

They may have to, after Naga Mayor John Bongat green-lit the closure of the Balatas dumpsite.

Naga City Solid Waste Management Office Chief, Engineer Joel Martin was quoted in a Bicol Standard report Tuesday (May 2) as saying that the entire process would create “some serious stench” via the bulldozing of the open dumpsite.

But he said it would be over in two weeks’ time.

According to Martin, they would try to fight off the stench–basically the nitrogen in the air–by using 500 liters of bio-inoculant every day.

Still, he advised local residents to ready their noses for the worst.

Open dumpsites are banned under the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 or Republic Act 9003.