Que’s last words: Gov Joseph Cua is most famous drug suspect in Catanduanes

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Larry Que’s last words as a newsman are very damning to his nemesis, Catanduanes Governor Joseph Cua, whom he basically described as the most famous drug personality in the province.

These words were contained in a draft article that Que, a newspaper publisher, intended to run on Catanduanes News Now.

However, Que, a Cua critic, was killed last December 19 by motorcycle-riding gunmen in Barangay San Isidro, Virac, before he could put out the article.

Edralyn Pangilinan, the live-in partner of the slain businessman, subsequently found the draft article in the latter’s files. She included it in her complaint before the Department of Justice (DOJ) Tuesday (May 2) wherein she charged Cua for Que’s murder.

“At the outset, it is important to note that the nefarious activities of the Subject (Cua) are common knowledge in the province of Catanduanes and is almost ‘accepted’ by its residents,” read Que’s article.

“Unfortunately, no one would dare speak about, or against it, since the Subject is the island’s most powerful personality. But such fact is undeniable and the Subject’s drug related illegal activities are but part of his everyday life and that of his men,” it further read.

“If one is a Catanduanganon, he/she would not miss this fact. Truth to tell, the Subject himself is vocal about his linkage to illegal drugs when around his trusted men and sometimes, political allies,” it continued.

Que claimed that the governor would usually boast like this: “Pano madakop dai man ako shabu, ang satuya panghalo sana na bako man na illegal. Di kita mapabakal, kita ang maggibo, pang big time” (How can they catch me when I don’t have shabu in my possession, what I have here are ingredients which are not necessarily illegal. We will not sell, we produce. We’re big time).”

Que ran several critical stories against Cua following the discovery of the mega-sized shabu laboratory in Virac last November 26. The lab managed to operate for months under local officials’ noses.

Police said the facility is able to produce 9.6 tons of shabu per month.