Edcel slams Digong: Hindi nakakain ang pangako!

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Opposition politiko, Albay 1st district Rep. Edcel Lagman scored on Tuesday (May 2) the unmet promises of President Rodrigo Duterte to Filipinos workers.

“Marginalized workers cannot eat motherhood statements and unfulfilled promises that embellished the President’s Labor Day message,” Lagman said in a press conference a day after Labor Day.

“The labor force needs immediately concrete, specific and substantial benefits like a wage increase approximating a living wage, elimination of contractualization or outsourcing of labor requirements to reduce workers’ benefits, and termination of the practice of ‘endo,’ the contrived expiration of labor contracts before a worker completes six months of employment to preclude a permanent status,” he added.

According to Lagman, Duterte, who assumed the Palace seat on June 30, 2016, has had ample time to deliver on these promises, if he wanted to.

“Benefits to workers must be immediately given. The President’s asking for more time after almost a year of incumbency is an inexcusable procrastination which is anti-labor,” the former Minority leader further said.

Duterte made it his campaign promise to put an end to contractualization. He won the 2016 Palace race via landslide.