Catfight coming! Ester Hamor eyeing Mayor Sally Lee’s seat in Sorsogon City

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Sorsogon Vice Governor Ester Hamor announced her bid for the mayoralty post in the province’s capital city Monday, April 17, during her own birthday celebration.

Hamor made the declaration roughly two years away from the 2019 local elections wherein she will look to unseat Sorsogon City Mayor Sally Lee. Lee is a former governor.

A Bicol Today report Monday said that Hamor made the announcement during her birthday program at the Casiguran gymnasium.

She reportedly asked her allies for permission to run and was given a resounding “yes” via viva voce.

Hamor is a former three-term mayor of Casiguran, a fourth-class municipality. During her stint as mayor, the town won awards for local governance from the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and nutrition awards from the Department of Health (DOH), among others.

Incumbent Casiguran Mayor Edwin “Bobby” Hamor is the lady politiko’s husband.