Jillian’s letter to mom Leni will give you the feels

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Count on Jillian Robredo–a.k.a. “Jill cutie”–to lift up her mama Vice President Leni Robredo’s spirits with a hashtag and punchline-filled, handwritten letter.

Leni took to Facebook to share the one-page letter which she said was given by her youngest daughter after dinner Monday (March 27) “because I am not feeling very well.”

Right off the bat, Jillian gave her mother a ” Happy Women’s Month ‘wooo’ girl power ♡” greeting.

The youngest of three Robredo daughters then went on to thank the Vice President for bringing out into the world “her most beautiful child,” referring to herself, tongue-in-cheek.

Jillian also described her mom as among the #StrongIndependentWomen and lauded her for always being #zen in the face of the attacks against her.

But the most poignant parts of the letter were Jillian’s more serious “hirits” as they gave an idea of what the once out-of-view Robredo family members go through nowadays.

“Thank you dahil kahit busy ka, di ka pa rin nawawalan ng time for us,” she wrote.

“Alam kong mahirap yung past couple of months and the next five years para satin kasi ang daming hate and all, pero alam naman natin na walang totoo dun so love love love ♡♡♡,” said Jillian.

“Love love love” was probably what Leni felt after reading this sweet letter. #