Lagman: Duterte not legally culpable for Mercedes Benz gift if…

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So is President Rodrigo Duterte in trouble for being gifted with a Mercedes Benz by his supposed ex-girlfriend? No, if it’s out of love.

This is according to Albay 1st district Rep. Edcel Lagman, a member of the House opposition bloc.

“If the Mercedes Benz was given in order to influence his official action, then that might fall under the anti-graft law,” Lagman said in a press conference Tuesday, March 14.

“But if it was given by a girlfriend as a manifestation of affection, I don’t think there will be culpability,” he added.

Duterte’s revelation about the luxury car gift grabbed headlines Monday night following a press conference. He claimed that his generous ex-girlfriend is now based in the United States (US).

The chief executive also insisted that he didn’t accept the Mercedes Benz per se since he just left it at the Presidential Security Group (PSG) compound.

At any rate, Lagman hinted that the “girlfriend excuse” could be easily abused.

“But you will never know, that’s why there’s already an instant defense there that it was given by a girlfriend,” he said, referring to Duterte.