Masbate Vice Gov Kaye Revil got pick-up line chops

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Here’s an appropriately cute pick-up line from Masbate Vice Gov Kaye Revil for her husband, former governor Vince Revil.

It goes like this, as per the lady politiko’s Facebook post:

“Kaye: #CebuPacific ka ba?
Vince Revil: Bakit?
Kaye: Kasi ang tagal kitang hinintay sa buhay ko, buti nalang dumating ka. ?#CebuPacinMasbate #MaidenFlight #thankyouFatherGod.”

Why is it appropriate? Because it’s Gov Kaye’s own way celebrating Cebu Pacific flights from Manila to Masbate, of which this was the maiden flight.

Why is it cute? Well, because it’s the love month and Gov Kaye was just s being sweet to the hubby.