‘Fishy’ gift delights young celebrity chef Louise Mabulo

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‘Fishy’ gift delights young celebrity chef Louise Mabulo

Kitchen phenom Louise Mabulo received a very special gift from residents of Barangay Ngaran in San Fernando, Camarines Sur.

“Thank you Brgy. Ngaran for this super fresh Yellowfin Tuna! After the Coastal Baranggay Relief Operations, they gave this beautiful fish to show their gratitude,” wrote the daughter of San Fernando Mayor Fermin Mabulo on her Facebook.

“It’s rude and against the culture to decline a gift. Instead, we paid them the amount that’s due for the fish, so they could use it to rebuild their lives and their homes,” she said. It can be recalled that typhoon “Nina” battered Bicol less than three weeks ago.

We bet 18-year-old Louise used her recently-acquired knowledge from Japanese Master Andy Matsuda in cooking this Yellowfin. Now that’s paying proper culinary respect to the ingredient-slash-gift.